Whiplash – How can we help with whiplash associated disorders? – Part 2


Every case that enters the clinic starts with a thorough history by your chiropractor. We must build an understanding of your injury and current state of health. Understand what whiplash is in our previous blog. 


So what do we do in the clinic?

We have already learnt what whiplash is in our previous blog. So how can we help you if you are suffering from Whiplash and subsequent neck pain?

The next step is to take you through a functional assessment.. identifying how your body is moving and your limitations. We may take X-rays to further build this clinical picture. In the following visit, we will talk you through our findings.

Chiropractic adjustments restore movement to specific joints.

This speeds your recovery after a whiplash, improving movement, settling muscle tension and ensuring optimal working of the nervous system. Left untreated, it is possible for areas of the spine and neck to remain more restricted, and may therefore contribute to accelerated deterioration of the joints.

Deep tissue massage is also an important element to healing. Your Chiropractor will examine your musculo-skeletal system and recommend deep tissue massage, if and where dysfunction is found. The massage therapist will be directed to release specific areas of muscle tension, stripping through adhesions to restore optimal muscular function.

Those tender spots they find may be felt a day or two after, before settling and allowing better movement again.


Your treatment will be tailored to your specific condition and how your chiropractor feels it is best addressed. 

More on how to help whiplash for the long term in our next blog…Whiplash – How to help in the long term – Part 3



In conclusion:

If you suspect you, or someone you know might be suffering from whiplash, refer them to us, we may be able to help with our range of supportive therapies, so make sure you ask us about it! 


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Article is written by  Dr Penny Clark D.C Chiropractor at Spinal Care Clinics
Dr Penny believes in addressing key aspects of lifestyle to help reach your optimum health potential.
She enjoys running with her dog, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Crossfit and Yoga.

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