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Back Pain

What is back pain and why should you have it treated?

80% of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Hard to believe isn’t it, but it’s something we see here at Spinal Care Clinics every single day. Living with back pain is commonplace for most people.

But surely we shouldn’t have to live with it?

Of course not, and this is where we can help.

We’ve helped thousands of people like you who have suffered with pain, loss of mobility and who have compromised their lifestyle and even their work, until they received expert diagnosis and effective solutions.

back pain

How can back pain start? – it might explain why YOU are suffering?

  • Your lower back is more susceptible to injury because it is a very unstable part of your spine and is not supported by your rib cage.
  • If your lower spine is out of alignment or has weakened supporting muscles, simple daily tasks can exacerbate or bring on an injury. You may be experiencing this right now.

What can we do about it?

Doctors used to believe that back pain would heal itself on it’s own.  Unfortunately, more recent studies have revealed that, if left untreated, back pain may alleviate temporarily but will eventually return with a vengeance.

We can offer you a unique multi-dimensional approach to healing and wellness. This will tackle the different stresses which actually led you to pain, body dysfunction and ill-health.

Our team of expert chiropractors use modern equipment to diagnose your health problems. This includes: Digital X-Rays machine, Advanced BMI device, Digital posture Analysis and software to precisely diagnose the root cause of your lower back pain. We will then tailor for you an effective treatment plan using advanced chiropractic techniques using modern equipment such as; electric treatment benches, Arthrostim device, Activators & Blocks.

Back Pain Image gridWe also offer lifestyle support to help you acquire healthy habits, including;

  • Personal training to strengthen your core muscles which will stabilise your spine and pelvis and reduce the risk of future injuries.
  • Nutritional advice & support based on ‘clean eating’, aiming to reduce inflammation & acidity in the body and introducing long-term healthy eating habits – Rather than short term crash diet solutions which DON’T work!
  • Stress management and mindfulness to allow your body to heal better & faster.

What would my care involve?

Your chiropractic care will help bring you back to optimum wellness

  • It will alleviate your pain and discomfort in the first instance
  • It will ease your movement and improve your body function
  • You will be able to recover in the shortest time possible under our care
  • With ongoing treatment, chiropractic care can minimise the chance of re-occurrence
  • You will acquire new ‘healthy habits’ that will support your health and well-being for life.
  • Our track record in helping thousands of people back into doing what they love to do and enjoying their life to the fullest, is something we are incredibly proud of.


So if you are suffering from any symptoms which are causing you pain, or just want to improve your posture, strength & flexibility and feel energized again, don’t hesitate, start your road to recovery right now.

Putting up with it could make your condition worse and harder to treat and prolong recovery. There is a way out and we can help you to get back to doing the things you love to do.


Back pain Chiropractic

Don’t put up with pain, discomfort and loss of mobility a moment longer. Regaining flexibility, feeling good, as well as living and working pain free are just a few clicks away. 


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