We understand that every ‘body’ is different which is why we tailor our massage treatments to suit your health and wellness needs.

Our experienced massage therapists are qualified to deliver sports massage, deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy. Our therapists are also trained in pregnancy & baby massage.

Your massage sessions will include a number of massage techniques to address your individual health needs aiming to provide you with the best outcome.  Whether you require treatment for aches and pains, injuries, or just need regular maintenance, we’re here to help.

What to expect…

Massage Therapy at Spinal Care Clinics * results may vary from person to person
What your massage includes
  • An initial health screening
  • A discussion about your health goals
  • A health tips handout and advised conditioning exercise
  • Ongoing thorough evaluation of your muscular system functional improvement
  • Relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere
Do I have to remove all my clothes?

You will be asked to remove only the clothes that you’re comfortable removing. It’s entirely up to you.  You will be fully draped throughout the entire bodywork session.

How to receive a massage?

You just need to relax, taking deep and regular breaths, allowing your body to become heavy and sink into the table.  As the therapist’s hands locate areas of tension, you’ll be asked to release and relax those areas.  We create a meditative space between you and the therapist.

Express your emotions

If emotions surface, don’t be afraid to express them.  It’s natural for emotions to arise during massage and you’ll feel the benefits if you can release and allow the therapist to work through them.

Closing your eyes may help heighten your sense of touch.  Closing your eyes during massage can help take the focus from your head and into your body.

After care tips

After a long and intense massage, we recommended drinking plenty of water.  This helps the system eliminate toxins which have been flushed out of the soft tissue and into the bloodstream.  You may feel light headed and tired so we’ll advise you to take plenty of rest and relaxation for the rest of the day.

“As a physiotherapist & massage therapist my aim is to help people successfully achieve and maintain emotional stability and wellbeing.  Massage Therapy is an essential integral part of the complete care we provide here.”  

Zivile Ribokaite, Massage Therapist
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