At Spinal Care Clinics Brentwood we passionately believe in the value of health and wellness for you and your family.

Therefore, we have maintained a pricing structure that caters for all budgets.

Chiropractic Consultation   £49 (Up to 60 mins)

Clinical History, Health Challenges & Goals
Chiropractic, Orthopaedic & Neurologic Examinations
Digital Posture Analysis & Movement Screening
X-Rays Included (if clinically required)
Free, no obligation 2nd visit Diagnosis & Personal Care Plan

Chiropractic Adjustment     £46
Care plan price.  PAYG price £52

Fell better, move better, naturally

Chiropractic care promotes a pain-free healthy lifestyle by utilising the body’s natural healing ability. Offering a natural alternative to drugs and surgery. Free periodic progress exams to assess your functional improvement.

Massage Therapy 30 mins    £46

Release Muscle Tension, Reduce Pain & Support Good Posture

We tailor our massage technique to suit your health needs and desires
A wide range including Sports, Pregnancy, Cupping, lymphatic drainage and more

Massage Therapy 60 mins    £70

Release Muscle Tension, Reduce Pain & Support Good Posture

We tailor our massage technique to suit your health needs and desires
A wide range including Remedial, Pregnancy, Baby, Lymphatic drainage and more

Posture Rehab          £20
(25 Mins)  Care plan price.  PAYG price £25

Improve Your Posture, Prevent Injury, Gain Strength & Stability

Personal training in our rehab gym to improve your posture & range of movement,
specifically tailored to your needs and body in an upbeat & therapeutic atmosphere
in our state of the art functional fitness facility. 
You will be guided closely by our friendly and experienced Personal Trainers

                    Nutritional Consultation          £110

Improve Your Overall Health, Feel Energised, Lighter & sharper

2 Consultation meetings included with our Functional Nutritionists

Initial Consultation 60Mins
Clinical History, Your Lifestyle & diet Investigation. Your Health Challenges & Goals
Free InBody Composition Testing
Wellness Blood Testing Package Option  (Additional cost)

Strategy & Advice Session  30Mins
Body Composition Report Findings.    Before & After inBody Report Comparison
Tailored Long term Solution & Strategy on ‘Clean Eating’
Continuing Support & Coaching 


Digital X-Ray          £75

Safe, Accurate, Instant Results

Rays are only taken if clinically required
No Charge for X-Ray copy for clients on Care plan  (Offset by plan fee)
PAYG clients pay £75 for X-Ray copy & Report


Full Body MOT (aka Wellness Score)         £45

Do You Know How Healthy You Really Are?

The Wellness Score includes;
Chiropractic Examination  Functional Movement, Strength & Flexibility tests
Body Composition Check   Fat, Muscle & water content
Digital Posture Analysis
Blood Pressure & Pulse Check
Chiropractor’s Report of Results

Wellness Score taken as part of your initial consultation are FREE of charge

  • Our care agreement is non-contractual.
  • You have the right to cancel your care plan and be refunded for unused services at any time.
  • If you are dissatisfied in any way, please feel free to approach the management and we will do all that we can to resolve the issue.

Now that you’re a clinic member subscribed to monthly maintenance care, you are eligible for even better rates!

Monthly Maintenance fee for Chiropractic adjustment and/or 30 min Massage Care

Silver          £40
1 treatment. Adjustment or 30 minute massage
Gold          £72
2 treatments, £36 per treatment
    M3           £108
3 treatments, £36 per treatment
    M4           £144
4 treatments, £36 per treatment
Regular monthly spinal checks through chiropractic maintenance care can help prevent
pain and promote overall well-being


Functional Rehab Training Monthly Membership Fee

Complete training     £135
Up to 3 times per week. 60 min session
Average £11 per session
Light training           £75
1 session per week. 60 min session
Average £17 per session
 Fully supervised rehab training sessions on days that suit you.
Tailored training programs and specific goal setting in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.


Posture Rehab Training Monthly Membership Fee

1 session per week          £40
£9 per session
2 sessions per month     £20
£10 per session
1 session per month       £15
£15 per session
Excellent value and a great way to maintain your mobility, posture, and overall health.


Monthly Maintenance Membership Benefits

Regular monthly maintenance care can help prevent pain and promote overall well-being

 Same day chiropractor (for emergency cases)

Free Xray (if clinically needed)

FREE bootcamp (1 per week x 60 mins)

Loyalty Reward Card (collect free points and services)

FREE Yearly In-Body testing (computerised body composition)


“I attended the clinic following a positive review from my daughter. I had been suffering from a painful neck and shoulder. Following my first treatment I have felt such an improvement and now I have completed the course I am completely pain free. I can’t thank them enough.”

Maureen Langston
*results may vary from person to person

“After 3 years of hospital treatment, with no joy, I was told by my chiropractor what the problem was and how he was going to help!
After only 7 weeks of treatment I am able to walk unaided and no longer need the drugs (Which I was told can destroy your nervous system) provided by the hospital! Unbelievable progress!!”

Les Browning
*results may vary from person to person

“When I first came to the clinic my neck was very painful and I constantly needed to move around as it hurt when I sat still for long periods of time. My treatments and massages have been fantastic and I am hardly ever in pain anymore. All of the SCC staff are so friendly and accomodating. I always feel very welcome whenever I visit.”

Charlotte Cripps
*results may vary from person to person

“Here at the Spinal Care Clinics, you have been so professional, knowledgeable and friendly – plus a great listener. Without your help, support and skills I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today; painfree, more mobile, have more strength, positivity and feel in control of life in general again.”

Susan Joyce
*results may vary from person to person

How soon will I feel an improvement?

Many of our clients walk out of their first treatment session feeling a significant improvement in flexibility, movement and also notice a reduction in pain.  If this sounds good to you, booking your initial consultation is the first important step towards recovery and living a pain-free life again.

What Our Clients Say…

* results may vary from person to person

Your First Visit Consultation

Your first consultation gives you the opportunity to explore your different options and also the benefits of allowing us to treat your pain.

Our team of therapists are highly trained, professional and friendly and we feel extremely passionate about your health and wellbeing.

We’re so confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied that we’ll happily refund your consultation fee if you’ve ever received a more comprehensive consultation or aren’t 100% happy.

Many of our clients report receiving such great value in their first visit and state they have never received such a thorough, professional care before

Included in your first visit consultation

Your Health History
Your chiropractor will take the time to listen and learn more about you, your condition and your health and wellness goals.

Chiropractic Examination
Your dedicated chiropractor will carry out an initial orthopedic, neurologic and functional examination.  This includes a posture assessment looking at core strength and flexibility movement patterns to determine how well your body is functioning.

Spinal Assessment
As part of the examination your chiropractor will palpate your spine, looking for areas of nerve interference which can affect your body functions and cause pain.

X-Ray Imaging
Your Radiologist Chiropractor will carry out a series of x-rays as clinically necessary to provide additional information about your spine and health.
Any number of x-rays needed are included in your consultation.

Digital Posture Imaging
You may be surprised when you see digital photos of your posture. Your posture is the mirror of your spine and your health.  The digital photos will allow us to determine where the issues are, almost immediately.

Full Body MOT
Otherwise known as wellness score. The wellness score assesses your biomarkers of health, looking at your BMI, muscle and fat mass, pulse and blood pressure and many others.  These biomarkers are judged on a scoring system which measures your physiology and bodily functions scoring you a grade between A and F.

Report of Findings Visit
Following your initial consultation, we’ll book an appointment for you to return within a day or two, so we can go through your consultation findings and offer you the best solution going forward.

Already a client?

Chiropractic Care

We only offer chiropractic treatments once you have been through your initial consultation.  This ensures we know the state of your health and have already identified the underlying cause of your condition.

Included in your Chiropractic Care

Health tips
To assist you with ongoing wellness, the results of your treatment are dramatically enhanced with continued lifestyle changes.

Exercise advice
To help you break the ‘Pain Cycle’ improve your mobility, fitness and wellbeing with our expert guidance and support.

Periodic progress examinations
We ensure that you are progressing through your treatment as planned, allowing us to make any changes to your care so that you achieve the best results.


We tailor our massage treatments to suit your health needs at a level you’re happy and comfortable with.

A choice of: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic / remedial massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy and Baby massage, Lymphatic drainage, and joint mobilisation are available.

Included in your Massage

Health screening
An initial first visit health review will take place to determine the most effective massage for you

Health goals
To help you achieve your health goals it’s important to clearly define achievable targets which we discuss in the first meeting.

Health tips & conditioning exercise advice
We believe the more information you have, the quicker you’ll be able to heal.  We will give you the tools and information to continue to heal at home between treatments

Ongoing evaluation of your muscular system functional improvement
It’s not only about you FEELING better, it is about you HEALING better.  We want to ensure that every treatment you receive will help your body improve.

Relaxing & therapeutic atmosphere
Your massage will ease you into a relaxed sense of wellbeing, helping you to forget life’s stresses and fully enjoy your massage experience.

Posture Rehab

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Included in your Posture Rehab

Functional Screening Test
In your first visit to our rehab gym, your PT will test your baseline functional movement to determine the most effective posture rehab for you.

Health Goals
To help you achieve your health goals it’s important to clearly define achievable targets which we discuss in the first meeting.

Health tips & conditioning exercise advice
We believe the more information you have, the quicker you’ll be able to heal. We will give you the tools and information to continue to heal at home between treatments.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays at your first visit are included in the consultation fee.  Any x-rays taken after the consultation will be charged.

Included in your X-Rays

X-Ray results
Your results will normally be ready within 24 hours.  Our chiropractors will analyse your X-Rays to ensure that chiropractic treatment is the appropriate care for you.  The X-Ray results are also used to determine the most effective adjustment technique to be used.

Advanced digital X-Ray machine for low radiation
Digital X-Rays emit a very low dose of radiation, that similar to a dose of radiation on a standard flight.

CD copy of your X-Rays
You’re welcome to order a CD copy of your X-Rays for a fee of £15

X-rays will only be taken if clinically required.

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