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Slipped Disc

What are slipped discs and why should you have them treated?

The term “slipped disc” is often used to describe a lower back injury. At Spinal Care Clinics, we help people with slipped discs every day and we know how it can stop you doing what you love.

We know how it feels and we know how to help.

A slipped disc occurs when the circle of connective tissue surrounding the disc breaks down and begins to herniate and bulge out from between your bones. This allows the soft, gel-like part of the disc to swell and protrude out.

The image shows it well.

Slipped Disc

This can cause severe pain and irritating substances are being released from this tear an can cause severe pain, especially if the fragment touches or compresses a nearby nerve.


What causes a slipped disc?

Slipped Discs can sometimes be caused by lifetsyle factor which reduce the strength and resilience of your discs and increase the risk of herniation.  Some of the most common causes of slipped discs include:

  • poor posture,
  • increasing age-(this because, as you age, your spinal discs begin to lose their water content which makes them less flexible and more likely to rupture),
  • bending awkwardly,
  • lifting heavy or awkwardly shaped objects,
  • prolonged sitting activities such as driving,
  • smoking,
  • lack of exercise,
  • inadequate nutrition,
  • being overweight,
  • weight-bearing sports,
  • a sudden traumatic injury to your back.

Situations such as these can weaken the disc tissue and can sometimes lead to a slipped disc. If the disc is already weakened, it may herniate with a single movement or strain such as coughing or bending to pick up a light object.


What can we do about it?

We see slipped discs very regularly here at Spinal Care Clinics.

We can offer you a unique multi-dimensional approach to healing and wellness. This will tackle the different stresses which actually led you to pain, body dysfunction and ill-health.

Our team of expert chiropractors use modern equipment to diagnose your health problems. This includes: Digital X-Rays machine, Advanced BMI device, Digital posture Analysis and software to precisely diagnose the root cause of your lower back pain. We will then tailor for you an effective treatment plan using advanced chiropractic techniques using modern equipment such as; electric treatment benches, Arthrostim device, Activators & Blocks.

Back Pain Image grid


What would my care involve?

Thankfully, the majority of disc herniations can be sufficiently treated with stretching exercises, sports massage therapy and chiropractic care. If you suffer from a more advanced case of disc herniation, you may require spinal decompression treatments, such as traction or mechanical decompression, which will subsequently be followed by prolonged chiropractic care. We can talk to you about this and we treat every case as individual.

At Spinal Care Clinics we practice targeted chiropractic care and massage treatments which isolate and significantly alleviate the compression of your spinal cord or nerves. By utilising electric treatment benches, digital X-ray equipment and computerised spinal scans, our registered Spinal Care Clinics practitioners can help you regain healthy spine alignment and optimal nerve function.


So if you are suffering from any symptoms which are causing you pain, or just want to improve your posture, strength & flexibility and feel energized again, don’t hesitate, start your road to recovery right now.

Putting up with it could make your condition worse and harder to treat and prolong recovery. There is a way out and we can help you to get back to doing the things you love to do.

Back pain Chiropractic

Don’t put up with pain, discomfort and loss of mobility a moment longer. Regaining flexibility, feeling good, as well as living and working pain free are just a few clicks away. 


£36 Consultation + X-Ray + Comprehensive Report of Findings plus a free, no obligation, care plan outline, detailing our recommendations for you.


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