Our fantastic team is here to be your trusted guides on your journey to wellness.

Our goal? To help you reach your peak health and equip you with the tools to maintain it for life!

Dr Penny Clark

Doctor of Chiropractic

Completing my Masters at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2013 was an exciting time in my life. I always knew I wanted to be part of something that would look at health in a multi-disciplinary manner. I was fortunate to find Spinal Care Clinics shortly after graduating, and have never looked back since!

I am passionate about a well rounded perspective on well-being. I have always loved the feeling I get from a run through the forest or on a beach, and challenging my body to keep strong and adaptable to whatever I may be faced with! CrossFit ticked a lot of boxes in this way for me, as the training involves a mixture of strength, stamina, gymnastics and skill based activities, which require appropriate fuel, recovery and mindset to maintain, as well as a lovely community to experience it with!

When someone is faced with an obstacle that creates an inability, it’s so nice to offer a solution that’s also extremely empowering. As Chiropractors, we provide the help and support that’s needed to allow the body to heal itself, where possible.

The clinic continues to grow in our approach to helping the local community achieve optimal health and well-being, and so too have my ideas and perspectives on the subject (…and are, of course, ever progressing!) It’s truly rewarding to see people achieve their goals- feeling better in themselves and taking back control in what they want to do in life, as everyone deserves!

Dr Gurjot Nandhra

Doctor of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a true passion of mine which personally helped me in my teens to relieve pain and discomfort when playing tennis competitively.

It showed me another side to healthcare which I hadn’t been exposed to before. Being encouraged to carry on playing while getting treatment was music to my ears instead of the ‘rest, reduce the amount you play and take painkillers’ that was told to me by other practitioners.

Seeing our patients get back on their feet, get back to doing what they enjoy and ultimately enjoy their life again is what motivates me every day.

Dr Jessica Bood

Doctor of Chiropractic

I have been a chiropractic client since the age of 10 when my ballet teacher noticed I wasn’t able to stand straight due to a curvature in my spine.

When I moved to the UK from Australia at age 18, I was lucky enough to find a job working as a Chiropractic Assistant (CA) in a clinic.  Whilst working for 3 years as a CA I saw so many clients getting amazing results with their health without the use of medication or surgery and I decided that chiropractic was the career for me.

My biggest passion is helping people get well and stay well, not just pain free but optimising their health in all aspects.

I have found chiropractic has personally helped me so much over the years. I have found chiropractic has helped to reduce my headaches, increase my energy and improve my quality of sleep!”


Dr Aaron Saund

Doctor of Chiropractic

A visit to a chiropractor set my trajectory towards a healthier lifestyle at the age of 16.  Due to my improved posture and the fact I was in no pain for the first time,  I decided to pursue a career in Chiropractic in getting my masters qualification in Cardiff to understand the link between the spine and total wellbeing.

Since then I have become the healthiest version of myself taking an interest in nutrition, training, powerlifting, boxing and understanding human biomechanics.

I have completed adjusting courses and a number of manual therapy courses along side my chiropractic degree to ensure my skill set is up to date and I also endeavour to follow the latest chiropractic and health research.

I work with all ages, and I specialise in functional rehabilitation and the holistic approach to wellness.

My goal in life is to pass on the gift of chiropractic to my patients and allow them to transform their lives as I have to mine, with the help of a wonderful team of other chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers at SCC.

Dr Ronen Raphael

Doctor of Chiropractic

Hey there, I’m Ronen! I’ve always had a deep calling for healing because I genuinely care about people’s well-being. After studying Pre-Med in NY, I had a life-changing experience that set my professional destiny in motion. I had the privilege of witnessing a Chiropractor working their magic, achieving incredible healing results without relying on medications or surgery.

Since graduating in 2001, I’ve had private practices in Tel Aviv, Southend, and Brentwood. Being a part of my clients’ healing journey is a true honor, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives.

Yoga has been my passion for 18 years, transforming my outlook on health and wellness. Through yoga teacher training, my understanding deepened, and now I’m excited to share this wisdom with clients on their journey to improved health and happiness.

I’m incredibly grateful to be part of an amazing team of specialised therapists. Together, we strive to transform lives and bring hope to people’s hearts.

Dr Jacqui Johnson

Doctor of Chiropractic

I graduated from Macquarie University, Australia in 2010 and I’ve been fortunate enough to be adjusted since I was 17 when my chiropractor discovered that I had scoliosis. After starting to receive regular care I saw not only my musculoskeletal discomfort ease but I also started seeing my health improve as well.

Over the years I have focussed on pregnancy and paediatric care as well as different techniques including Thompson, Activator, Occipital Lift and Sacro-Occipital Technique.

Health is not about having a perfect environment but about having a strong, resilient, adaptable body. This is where Chiropractic shines and this is why I love chiropractic.

I love being active and learning about good nutrition. My sports have changed a lot over the years but have included a long love of dancing, swimming, touch footy and yoga and my goal is to start CrossFit!

Lianne Travi

Clinic Manager

I have worked at the clinic since January 2016, I started out as a Chiropractic Assistant before becoming Assistant Manager & now Clinic Manager, which my team have supported me in. I thoroughly enjoy working at the clinic and seeing our clients reach their goals, no two days are ever the same. I find our therapists work fascinating and I’m particularly interested in nutrition so love picking up advice and new tips from our Nutritionists!

We are a big team here but all very close and coming to work is always enjoyable.

Steve Bocutt

Massage Therapist & ACTiV8 Co-ordinator

I have been involved in sports and fitness for as long as i can remember!

I graduated from the university of Bedfordshire with my BSc (Hons) in sports therapy in 2009; specialising in sports injury rehabilitation and sports and remedial massage since. I joined the team here at Spinal Care in June 2015 and have loved every minute.

Working alongside so many experts has not only enhanced my own skills but allowed me to share some of my own knowledge.  It’s great to see how well Chiropractic and massage can together truly change people’s lives, giving individuals back aspects of their lives they had previously considered gone.I myself regularly receive chiropractic care along with my wife and even my 3 year old and newborn daughter.

Simon Churchman

Massage Therapist

Hello my name is Simon, I’m one of the Massage Therapists here at Spinal Care Clinics. I have been in the leisure industry for over 10 years and spent majority of this time managing health clubs and gyms. My passion has always been massage therapy and I worked self employed massage therapist along side my full time position. I got into the leisure industry to make a difference to people’s health and ultimately make a difference to people’s lives.

I trained in GP exercise referral to get a better understanding in how I can help and train people with medical conditions.

The Spinal Care Clinics position opened and was invited down for an interview, my first Impression was ‘wow, this is where I would love to work’ and here I am, Spinal Cares ethos and beliefs are exactly what I believe in and couldn’t be happier to be working for them. I look forward to the future and helping more people reach their goals and potential.

April Cain

Massage Therapist

I did my Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation course at the University of Kent.

The clinic has played a massive role in my career path, being one of my first graduate jobs. As a Sports Therapist, I find my job very rewarding, to ensure athletes and non athletes are educated when injured or concerned about their body and to guide all the clients I approach with a positive attitude.

The support from all my colleagues and CPD meetings have helped improve my social skills and confidence when communicating with clients.

Miroslava Krafcikova

Massage Therapist
Hello, I’m Miroslava. I’ve been involved in sport since a very young age. I’ve played basketball for 15 years and learned a lot about how important it is to have a good relationship in a team. Also, how challenging it can be to get back on the court or to get back to a ”normal” life after an injury, or any other issues that may occur.
After many years of playing basketball and getting over my own difficulties, I realised I’m more interested in supporting people’s health (both physical and mental), their fitness and rehabilitation. I started with sport massage and continue to develop in this field, to be able to provide the best care for my clients.
I joined SCC in 2020 and that was my best decision ever! I have such amazing colleagues. They are very supportive, kind and always helpful – through SCC I have gained a lot of experience too 🙂

Elena Klein

Massage Therapist

Hello I’m Elena. With a background in acupuncture and chinese medicine, I have been working in holistic and remedial massage therapy for the past 15 years. I came in to the profession (As many do) through my own personal experience of receiving successful treatment.

I have always been fascinated by the mechanical and physiological aspects of soft tissue therapy so I am thrilled to have found a place with so many professionally like minded people, that help so many others.

Renata Jociene

Massage Therapist

Claire Marketis

Massage Therapist

After leaving school I forged a successful career in the “City”.

Having always enjoyed all things connected to sports and fitness and realising my ambitions were not within the corporate world, I decided around 15 years ago to switch career to something closer to my interests and passion.

I have competed in triathlon, half-marathon, and endurance cycling events over the years and wanted to better understand how to recover and heal when we are injured. I decided to start studying the human body and continue to do so now.

I like meeting and helping others and enjoy the positive effects that massage therapy can have on people.

Georgia Fletcher

Massage Therapist
I always knew I wanted to work within this sector and help people even though my journey was not straight forward. I was a very active child always dancing or doing some sort of sports. I ended up with a degree in dance performance in London and I do continue to perform freelance.  However, I decided to continue my aim of helping others through sports massage and completed my level 5 from NLSSM in 2021.
I really enjoy seeing people benefit from massage, exercise and chiro treatments be it mentally, physically or emotionally. I’m a big believer of mind body connection and understand that you can’t treat one without the other and everyone needs a different approach.
I look forward to meeting and working with you to help you feel better in every aspect of your life!

Bethany Diggins

Massage Therapist
Hi I’m Bethany, and I decided to start doing sports massage to try to help people be their best possible selves by improving their health and well-being. I started doing sports massages alongside my degree. I graduated with a first class degree in Physiotherapy and received a distinction in my Sports Massage Diploma.
After experiencing many injuries myself from competitive dancing and figure skating, I noticed the difference between poor and exceptional care. That difference made me decide this was what I wanted to do to ensure that people like me could recover effectively and receive the best care possible.
My favourite parts of the job are getting to meet lots of new people and then seeing how much their quality of life improves as the treatment works and they start to get better. I hope to continue making a difference with what I do, and keep helping people.

Debbie Smith

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Debbie and I offer Personal Training, Sports massage, and Oncology Massage at Spinal care Clinic

I have had the opportunity to follow my dreams and work professionally in the sports and fitness industry since 2006. I have accomplished qualification in: Personal Training in managing back pain, Exercises Referral, Sports Massage, Cancer Massage and Reiki

My knowledge and experience have led me to be passionate about my role as a Personal Trainer and Soft Tissue Therapist with patient care being paramount. Supporting posture alignment by providing functional rehabilitation sessions that work around: mobility, flexibility, strength, and power. Soft tissue treatments that help the muscles to improve posture, reducing muscle tension, reducing stress and increasing relaxation

My goal is to support clients on a healing and inspiring journey working towards optimum health and fitness to make longterm lifestyle changes. Celebrating clientsachievements and working with a holistic approach throughout the client is very rewarding

I am a keen runner and have achieved many events from 10 K to the London marathon. One of my biggest achievements was recovering from a car accident in 2018 which left my musculoskeletal system very sore. With determination, Chiropractic care, massage and rehabilitation exercises I was able to move forwards and work through barriers to pain, two years later I ran LeighonSea 10 k. I think when injuries happen, we never go backwards but step side ways to do things differently. This experience made me even more determined to help others manage pain through massage and exercise to feel better

I believed I could heal, and I did. A fun Quote from the film Shrek that helped me Believe in yourself. Your confidence will lead you to success and happiness”

Emily Claydon-Brown

Massage Therapist & Nutritionist

Hi, my name is Emily. I have a very holistic view when it comes to the human body and firmly believe we need a multi faceted approach when it comes to healing. It’s something I am very passionate about. I have been working as a Sports Therapist for 5 years now but also have a background in Counselling, Personal Training and Nutrition. I came to Spinal Care Clinics to interview and meet the team and immediately felt it was the place I wanted to work. Thankfully they agreed! Their approach to people is caring and aims to work with them as a whole which I love.

My other passion is rugby where I am generally to be found pitch-side with tape working with local women’s teams at club level and at county level too. I enjoy it immensely in-spite of the amount of time spent stood in the rain. I am looking forward to my time spent here, learning from the amazing team around me and I look forward to meeting you.

Marilyn Firth

Nutritionist & Chiropractic Assistant

Hi my name is Marilyn. I have worked in wellness for quite a few years now: As clinic manager for a group of chiropractic clinics and as a yoga teacher I found a passion for health and wellness. This led me to study Naturopathy and nutrition whilst still in Australia. I came to England to join my daughter, Jess (one of the chiropractors at SCC) and was lucky to be given the opportunity to join this amazing team. I look forward to meeting you!

Ben Lovelace

Personal Trainer
I’m passionate about both strength training and helping others recover from injuries.
I have 5 years of experience in the personal training space and have honed my skills in providing effective treatment plans.
Our patients come to the clinic with varying issues and abilities – they usually leave feeling both healthier and stronger. This makes the role of being a Personal Trainer at Spinal Care Clinics both satisfying and rewarding.

Nancy Eagle

Personal Trainer
I have always had a huge passion for health and fitness from a young age and have been lucky enough to pursue this as a full-time career!
I started in the industry by working as an ‘online fitness trainer’, providing multiple workout programmes to thousands of individuals seeking to start their wellness journey. I have now advanced my knowledge as a PT and am lucky enough to be working with all of our amazing patients as a ‘Rehab Specialist’ at the clinic.
I have been able to help so many individuals both physically and mentally and I can’t wait to continue on this venture!

Melanie Eveleigh

Rehab Trainer & Pilates Instructor
My journey started through swimming competitively from the age of 9 competing at County, Regional and National level.
My drive for training, racing and all things health and fitness is unwavering still competing within swimming after a very successful period in Triathlon competing at all distances from Sprint to
Ironman which included qualifying as an age grouper for Olympic distance to represent Team GB in Beijing.
I have been working in the health and fitness industry my whole adult life, living and breathing what I preach, qualifying myself to instruct and coach Swimming, Aerobics, Aqua, Open Water Swimming,
Spinning, Xtend Barre, Fitness Yoga, Pilates and Sport Massage Therapist.
My passion for helping and maximising results for our clients in the Rehab gym, gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction, seeing patients gain mobility and become pain free within a relatively short period of time, is truly gratifying, finishing their treatment programs walking out stronger and a little bit taller.

Anoushka Chengadoo

Chiropractic Assistant

Hi I’m Anoushka and I’ve been at Spinal Care Clinics since 2016
After working in the fast paced tv production industry for over 10 years I decided I wanted a change of environment and a job that was less stressful.

With nursing within my family and having worked in health care as a part time job while at university, I decided to pursue something along those lines. I enjoy coming to work and catching up with clients old and new. What I particularly love about Spinal Care Clinics is that we are a community to lend an ear as well as keeping your spine healthy.

Faye Ellis

Chiropractic Assistant

Hi my name is Faye.

I have worked at Spinal Care Clinics since January 2022, but straight away felt very welcomed into the team. The team is one big family and we always help one another out.  It is always a joy to come into work; there is always an amazing atmosphere when meeting the clients too.

Jackie McLean

Chiropractic Assistant
I was born in the UK but grew up in South Africa. I have had a varied career within many industries but always felt that something was missing.
I have always had a keen interest in holistic health. Upon meeting the team at Spinal Care Clinic I knew I had found the perfect position for me.
The team are passionate about client wellness and this combined with the treatments they offer make a positive impact on a person’s day.
I look forward to learning and experiencing all that chiropractic care has to offer.

Anne-Marie Collins

Chiropractic Assistant
I have worked at the clinic since 2019 and have grown in my role.
My three children have all needed chiropractic care in the past and this has helped them tremendously.  We have all seen the benefits of this treatment and am so pleased to have been involved in the clinic to understand and know about this type of care.
Working on the front desk at the clinic is great fun and I love meeting and greeting both old & new clients alike.

Nicky Finch

Chiropractic Assistant

Lucy Everson


My background is in Industrial Biology, but then got drawn to working in the City.

After having my children, I worked in a comprehensive school helping those with learning difficulties, but was moved to Data admin & Timetabling.  I’m now in the Accounts Department here and love my job, the people and the feeling of being part of a team. The Chiropractic techniques are something I am fortunate enough to benefit from and am now able to move around more freely (without pain) and sleeping so much better.

An added blessing from working here at the Clinic!

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