Welcome to ACTiV8 our transformative 8-week wellness program designed to improve your overall health while helping you understand your internal health, stay ahead of chronic diseases, and enhance your lifelong wellness.

Join us to experience life-changing results and unlock your full potential for a healthier, happier life.

We’re equipped with research based knowledge and vast experience to help you move betterthink better, eat better and function better, for life. 

“It has changed my life completely. I feel alive again and so much more confident in myself. I just wish I had  started this sooner as I feel fantastic.”  Lisa Mehmet

* results may vary from person to person

Some amazing results with ACTiV8

Edna Corialion

Steve Cave

Peter Bicheno

Mirjam Piper

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What does the program include?


Chiropractic Care

2 adjustments per week
Promotes a pain free healthy lifestyle
Nutritionist Coaching

5 Nutritionist Consultations
Tailored anti-inflammatory ‘clean eating’ diet for gut health
Personal Training

2 x 60min PT sessions per week
Improve fitness, cardio, strength & posture
Sports Massage

1 x 30min sports massage per week
Alleviate pain & stiffness following training

5 guided mindfulness sessions
For stress relief & a positive attitude
Starter Pack

Program manual & journal
Heart rate monitor daily supplements & protein shakes.
Blood Tests

Before & after blood tests
(optional). Stay ahead of chronic diseases
Time Saving

Just 3 visits per week
A total of only 3.5 clinic hours.

What’s a wellness score and how do you measure it?

A ‘Wellness Score Assessment’ acts as a very effective ‘barometer’ to measure your overall health.  It’s a great way of gaining peace of mind and confirming all is well.  This assessment can also help show us early signs of anything that needs attention.

* results may vary from person to person
Here’s some examples of wellness score from our clients who took the ACTiV8 Program
 The aim of the program is a improvement of 1 letter.
A is perfect and F is failed

The 4 Pillars of ACTiV8


Body Function


In ACTiV8 we acknowledge the importance of resolving pain and promoting good body function and posture for longevity.

The foundation of ACTiV8 starts with Chiropractic care for your nervous system and massage therapy for your muscles.

Helping you build a strong basis for a strong healthy body.


  • Chiropractic Care
  • Sports Massage
  • Condition specific rehab
  • Before & after digital posture images
Functional Nutrition


ACTiV8 will show you how to eat healthily for life, so that your body can function at its best. We will help you change your lifestyle so that this is not just a flash in the pan, but a change in the way you look at food and the choices you make.


  • 5 Nutritionist Consultations
  • ACTiV8 cook book & journal
  • 5 computerised body composition reports
  • Supplements & Protein shakes
  • Yes / No food guide
  • Eating out & snacking guide
  • Before & after tailored blood tests. Optional
Rehab Exercise


Rehab training in our centre, under the supervision of our qualified personal trainers is critical in the ACTiV8 program.

Strengthening your core, improving your posture and building muscle tone in the correct, safe environment, is the best way to get the results that you need.


  • ACTiV8 Journal
  • Onsite training sessions
  • Functional screening tests
  • Myzone heart rate monitor
  • Free bootcamp classes




Taking control of our mind can be one of the the most impactful ways to improve your health.

Our life coach can help you strengthen your self awareness, promote calmness, reduce stress and improve your ability to make the right choices.


  • ACTiV8 Gratitude Journal
  • 5 short life coaching sessions
  • Behaviour modification techniques
  • Guided breathing & meditation techniques

What Our Clients Say…

* results may vary from person to person

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a diet or a weight loss program?

No, ACTiV8 isn’t some type of quick fix fad diet. Instead it’s a sustainable eating program that will teach you how to eat properly. While not a weight loss program, many people lose weight.

What do Program participants eat?

Everyday you will enjoy healthy meals and a meal replacement shake designed to promote the loss of body fat while helping maintain lean muscle mass. This meal replacement also supports healthy heart function, balances glucose levels, reduces inflammation and helps with cholesterol.

Does the program include supplements?

Yes, we will recommend supplements based on the findings of your blood work, which we will take to check insulin levels and cholesterol.

What kind of results do participants commonly experience?

Many people on the program experience dramatic reductions in weight, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Claim 2 complimentary Wellness Package Blood Tests (valued £200)
when you enrol in the ACTiV8 program! 

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Knowing what’s happening inside your body, and what to do to improve, means living in better health for longer.
Track your progress over time with a complimentary Wellness blood test package at the start and end of your ACTiV8 program. Physiology does not lie!


Over 80% of clients improve their health by their second blood test.

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