What is a Pinched Nerve & Why Should We Have it Treated?

Pinched nerves are incredibly common.  If you have one, you’ll know it can be extremely painful to live with.
We treat many clients suffering with pinched or trapped nerves so we have a lot of experience in this area.
The term “pinched nerve” is used to describe an irritated or inflamed nerve but the nerve itself is not actually pinched.

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We’ve helped thousands of people who have suffered with pain, loss of mobility and who have compromised their lifestyle and even their work due to their pain.

Until they received expert diagnosis and effective solutions from us, they were living a life of pain and discomfort.

What would my care involve?

Your chiropractic care will help bring you back to optimum health and wellness.

  • It will alleviate your pain and discomfort in the first instance
  • It will ease your movement and improve your bodily functions
  • You’ll be able to recover in the shortest time possible under our care
  • With ongoing treatment, chiropractic care can minimise the chance of re- occurring pain
  • You’ll learn new ‘healthy habits’ that will support your health and well being for life.

We have a proven track record and are incredibly proud of helping thousands of people with their pain and going back to doing what they love and enjoying and living life to the fullest.

How do we treat a pinched nerve?

At Spinal Care Clinics Brentwood, we offer all of our clients thorough evaluations before we administer chiropractic treatment for pinched nerve syndrome.

We use digital x-ray equipment and electric treatment benches to isolate the exact cause of your nerve pain, thereby enabling us to provide you with the most effective course of treatment for you.  This treatment would most likely include a combination of chiropractic and massage therapy, preventing long-term nerve irritation or compression.

If untreated, a ‘pinched nerve’ can escalate and lead to permanent nerve damage.

If you think you may have a ‘pinched nerve’ it’s crucial that you seek professional chiropractic care as soon as possible.

“I attended the clinic following a positive review from my daughter. I had been suffering from a painful neck and shoulder. Following my first treatment I have felt such an improvement and now I have completed the course I am completely pain free. I can’t thank them enough.”

Maureen Langston
*results may vary from person to person

“After 3 years of hospital treatment, with no joy, I was told by my chiropractor what the problem was and how he was going to help!
After only 7 weeks of treatment I am able to walk unaided and no longer need the drugs (Which I was told can destroy your nervous system) provided by the hospital! Unbelievable progress!!”

Les Browning
*results may vary from person to person

“When I first came to the clinic my neck was very painful and I constantly needed to move around as it hurt when I sat still for long periods of time. My treatments and massages have been fantastic and I am hardly ever in pain anymore. All of the SCC staff are so friendly and accomodating. I always feel very welcome whenever I visit.”

Charlotte Cripps
*results may vary from person to person

“Here at the Spinal Care Clinics, you have been so professional, knowledgeable and friendly – plus a great listener. Without your help, support and skills I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today; painfree, more mobile, have more strength, positivity and feel in control of life in general again.”

Susan Joyce
*results may vary from person to person

What causes a ‘pinched’ nerve?

A ‘pinched nerve’ is usually caused by pressure on the nerve.  So if you’ve been doing any of the following, then this may well be the cause:

  • Repetitive motions
  • Holding your body in one position for long periods of time
  • Herniated spine discs
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sciatica (for more information, see our health condition section on Sciatica)
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Trigger points (these are very tight “knots” of muscle which develop when muscles are either chronically overworked or injured)

What are the symptoms of a ‘pinched nerve’?

  • Pain in the area of compression, such as the neck or lower back
  • Radiating pain
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Pins and needles or a burning sensation
  • Weakness, especially when active

You may also find these symptoms worsen when you try certain movements, such as turning your head or straining your neck.

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Chiropractic Care is a family affair

The whole family can benefit from chiropractic care. Just because there isn’t visible pain, doesn’t mean there isn’t an underlying problem.

Come and get the whole family checked out today.

Regain your flexibility, live and work pain free!


X-Rays (if clinically needed)

Comprehensive Report of Findings

Free, no obligation treatment plan

Its everything you need to begin your road to recovery and to start feeling better again:

  • A comprehensive review of your health history
  • Chiropractic examination
  • Postural and spinal assessment
  • X-Ray imaging (any number of x-rays needed are included)
  • A report of findings: a full explanation of what was found in the consultations and x-rays, plus an explanation of how we can help you restore health, well-being and mobility
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