Stress CAN Cause Back Pain

StressAnd that stress is a leading cause of illness?

stress can cause anxiety, depression and sleep difficulties, it can also trigger physical pain, particularly in the back. How? Certain emotional and psychological factors can contribute to muscle tension, and back pain is often a result of this mind-body connection.

If neglected, back pain can become chronic, limiting your ability to engage in physical and social activities, degenerating bones, muscles and ligaments. Isolation can set in as well as depression and additional stress, becoming a vicious cycle.

What’s the best way to reduce emotional, physical and chemical stress in your body? Break the cycle by reducing stressors in your life. Talking to a trusted friend, taking the time to relax, exercising, deep breathing, eating right and choosing chiropractic care are all positive ways to manage stress while improving nerve disturbances in your body.

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