How can we help with disc bulges? Part 2

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In our clinic, we have Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and a Nutritionist to help the body recover more effectively. One of the most common conditions that we treat are disc bulges. Find out what this is in our previous blog.


So, how can we help you?

Each individual case is just that – unique and individual. In the case of a disc bulge, a thorough history and examination, initially by the Chiropractor, will help gather clues as to what dysfunctions are exacerbating the problem.
For example, the individual may have a dysfunction of the pelvis, a scoliosis, a weakened core, poor movement patterns etc. alongside the bulging disc. So you can see … by reducing the symptoms from the disc at the site is not necessarily going to treat the cause of the dysfunction that contributed to the disc bulge in the first place.
Unfortunately, it is not as simple as ‘pushing the disc back in’ – the good news is that there may well be solutions!
The goal of care is to normalise the functioning of the joint affected, and surrounding dysfunctions contributing to it. Disc bulges can take up to 2 years to resorb in the right conditions (symptom reduction should come earlier, but even when feeling better, typically a disc bulge will not resorb in a few weeks or months).
  • Firstly, we work to improve the mechanics.
  • Secondly, we work out a plan to maintain those improved mechanics over time to allow the body to heal and recover.
  • Thirdly, maintaining optimal functioning is our final goal!
Chiropractors are trained and experienced in detecting dysfunctions and introducing movement at the appropriate joints. They may do this by hand, with small quick and specific thrusts, with tools such as blocking to help create traction; or, gently with an athrostim or activator.
After a restricted joint is released, there’s generally a feeling of ease and lightness in movement. Occasionally, there may be an ache at the area that tends to settle after a day or two. Either response is completely normal. What happens between the adjustments is where the magic happens – improved mechanics!


“I only wish I’d seen them earlier”

“I’ve been struggling with lower back problems (prolapsed disc),  in agony 24/7 and pretty much house bound. I have been coming to the clinic for nearly 2 weeks and can already feel the improvements. I highly recommend treatment and all the staff are fantastic, I only wish I had seen them sooner. If you have any back problems go see them. I can’t recommend them highly enough”.” 

Ross Crowder


We always want to ensure that your progress is going how we would expect and will monitor this over the long term. 

Find out in the next blog about the importance of Massage, Personal Training and Nutrition for recovery of disc bulges in our next blog! Part 3 – All the tools to help you recover from disc bulges


In conclusion:

If you suspect you, or someone you know might be suffering with a disc bulge, refer them to us, we may be able to help with our range of supportive therapies, so make sure you ask us about it! 





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Article is written by  Dr Penny Clark D.C Chiropractor at Spinal Care Clinics
Dr Penny believes in addressing key aspects of lifestyle to help reach your optimum health potential.
She enjoys running with her dog, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Crossfit and Yoga.

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