At our Functional Rehab Centre, we believe exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Our programs help you recover, strengthen, and achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

What can you expect at our Rehab Gym?

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Why choose our Rehab Training?

Break the Pain Cycle: Our specialised programs are designed to keep you training while alleviating pain.

Tailored to You: Our Functional Rehab Coaches customise programs to your fitness level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Personalised Assessment: Start with a Functional Movement Screen Test (FST) to evaluate your flexibility and strength, along with your chiropractor’s recommendations. This helps us tailor exercises to your specific needs and abilities.

Progress Tracking: We track your functional improvement to ensure you stay aligned with the goals and targets set at the start of your training.

Join us and let our expert coaches guide you to a healthier, fitter life!

1. Posture Rehab

30 min sessions focused on posture

Posture is a critical and often overlooked aspect of our overall health and wellbeing. Many people focus on high-intensity activities like running or resistance training to improve health and lose weight. While these are important, poor posture can lead to aggravation and worsening of conditions. Our posture rehab sessions aim to correct and improve your posture for better health.  Read More…

2. ACTiV8 Rehab Gym

60 min sessions for targeted rehab training

Exercise is crucial in the ACTiV8 programme. It aids in developing a stronger, more robust, and pain-free body through targeted rehabilitation protocols supervised by our trainers. We track your progress with digital technology to assess the work completed each week.  Read More…

3. Rehab Gym Monthly Maintenance

60 min functional rehab sessions

Get fit! Elevate your cardiovascular fitness, enhance core stability, refine movement patterns, and cultivate optimal posture through personalized rehab training in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. Our monthly maintenance sessions ensure ongoing support and improvement in your fitness journey. 

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