Back Pain During Pregnancy? You’re Not Alone!

back pain pregnancy

If you’re growing a mini-human inside you, you’re probably going through a cocktail of new experiences. These can be both wonderful and downright uncomfortable. From back pain to swollen feet and from strangers patting your bump to that awkward gas build-up, there’s no doubt that women have to adapt like chameleons during pregnancy.

Chiropractic care doesn’t take anything from or add anything to your body.

A woman’s body undergoes the most amazing musculoskeletal changes in preparation for birth. Hormone levels rise in the first trimester causing mood swings but they also relax muscles and ligaments near the pelvis. In the later stages of pregnancy other hormones have similar effects and continue to relax the connective tissue in the pelvic region and even the ligaments that stabilise the spine.

Most women gain around 10 – 12Kg as their baby grows. As your centre of gravity sways, your spine will try to respond by accentuating its natural lordosis curve.

All these changes can lead to instability, postural shift, lower back pain and even upper-back pain as your muscles compensate. In fact, most women experience back pain during pregnancy. What surprises our chiropractors is how many of these women put up with it and don’t seek help! There are already so many uncomfortable changes you’re experiencing but back pain is one we can alleviate with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy

chiropractic care pregnancyChiropractic care doesn’t take anything from or add anything to your body. This is why it’s one of the best preventions and treatments for back pain, especially during pregnancy as it won’t affect your baby’s health. Seeing your chiropractor regularly will keep your joints mobile and bring you some much needed relief.

The postural changes that happen during pregnancy can put your spine out of kilter. When vertebrae move even slightly out of place, nerves can become compressed and muscles usually respond with tension and inflammation causing pain. Our chiropractors perform spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae in your spine. This relieves the pressure on your joints and removes any interference on the nervous system, which stops the overstimulation of your muscles and eventually reduces pain.

Morning sickness, tiredness and mood swings are enough to put up with during pregnancy but regular chiropractic care can really take the stress off your back before and after giving birth.

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