How Can We Help Your Baby?

Did you know that at Spinal Care Clinics we treat infants too, no just adults? We can offer a wide range of services to help your little one including, chiropractic care, massage, nutritional advice, acupuncture and much more. And there are a wide range of problems that we can treat.

If you have a little one, perhaps they are struggling, perhaps them seem uncomfortable, cry a lot or have trouble breastfeeding. Perhaps you have no idea what can be done to help them? Well here’s more:

Why might you need our care?

If you have a little one, perhaps they are struggling, perhaps they seem uncomfortable, cry a lot or have trouble breastfeeding? Perhaps you have no idea what can be done to help them?

Sometimes, as parents, we can be totally unaware of where any problems with our child may have occurred.

Childbirth in itself causes neck trauma in 95% of births and 73% (Stellwagen, et al,. 2008) of newborns have musculoskeletal asymmetries.


What conditions can our range of therapies help you with?

  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Infant colic or excessive crying
  • Chronic pain
  • Torticollis
  • Positional head deformity
  • Supine sleep discomfort
  • Postural asymetries
  • Unwillingness to do tummy time

Sometimes, as parents, we can be totally unaware of where any problems with our child may have occurred. Here are some clues that might help you to identify the source of a problem:


How can these some problems come about?

  • 95% of all child births result in neck trauma
  • 73% of newborns have assymetries; head deformities which can be anything from mild to severe and are linked to long term behavioural issues or faulty movement patterns / delayed development
  • All births can injure the cranial Nerve which can affect rooting, latching and sucking responses, and in turn affecting breast feeding
  • If the base of the cranium undergoes too much force, which is often seen in C-Sections, then it is possible that the cranial nerve affected causes weakened or mis-patterned tongue movements
  • Forceps births can cause problems with

Therefore the majority of births can result in some misalignment and whether that manifests itself in your child and makes them uncomfortable in any way, or whether it doesn’t, it is worth having it checked so that they can grow correctly.


My baby is always crying, can you help?

This is a common problem for parents and can be very stressful for the whole family.

Excessive crying is labelled as Colic, which is a catch all description for any unexplained excessive crying. It is not an illness in itself and can be frustrating for parents to get help for.


Why is my baby crying?

  • A potential cause of your infants crying could be pain
  • This causes them to develop a posture to avoid the painful positions.
  • Chiropractic reduces the tension in the spine, joints and muscles making your child more comfortable
  • Treatment is safe and effective
    (Vohra S,  2007; Miller J, 2008; Humphreys, B., 2010; Alcantara, J., ; Hayes & Bezilla, 2006; Rawson, 2011)
  • Treatment works, “Crying babies treated with manual therapy cry less to a statistically significant degre” 
    Hughes S, 2002 Hussereau D, 2003; Hayden C, 2006; Koonin SD, 2002; Mercer C, Nook BC: The efficacy of chiropractic spinal adjustments as a treatment protocol in the management of infantile colic. In: Haldeman, S., Murphy, B., eds. 5th Biennial Congress of the World Federation of Chiropractic 1999; Olafsdottir E, 2001; Wiberg JMM, 1999; Browning M, 2008; Hayden C, 2006.)

So can chiropractic help with crying?

  • If you take an excessively crying infant to a chiropractor, the treatment will result in decreased crying for the baby (Bolton and Hughes, Archives of Dis. Child, 2001, Wiberg,1999, Browning,& Miller,2008, Miller, et al. 2012)
  • Nilsson reported in 1985 in a retrospective uncontrolled study of 132 infants with colic that 91% reported improvement after 1 week of chiropractic treatment
  • Klougart (1989): Chiropractic manual therapy was successful in 94% or 316 cases with mean of 3 treatments
  • Bolton (2002)-BET: “good evidence that taking a colicky infant to a chiropractor will result in fewer reported hours of colic


So what can WE do to help?

adjustmnet on lap croppedRelieving pain

Treatment has helped countless children to overcome pain suffered from birth, allowing them to sleep comfortably and move comfortably. Therefore levels of crying reduce.


In addition, enabling children to sleep on their backs has benefits in terms of allowing them to sleep on their backs, reducing the concern about sudden infant death syndrome .

Improving Sleep

Studies have shown that Chiropractic treatment helps improve the quality of your child’s sleep which has countless benefits for both the child and the rest of the family. You child could fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and sleep more deeply, making them a happier baby. Here at Spinal Care Clinics we have multiple treatments which could help your child.

Improving breastfeeding

If you have problems breastfeeding, we could help.

We will carry out a physical assessment of your child to see if there are any mechanical reasons for your struggles and then provide you with the information you need to resolve the issue.

One of our chiropractors, Dr Charlie Gregory, spent one year working alongside midwives to improve breastfeeding in those that struggled. She has learnt numerous tips and tricks about breast feeding positioning and can assess both the mother and baby for any mechanical causes for the trouble. She is well versed to give you the advice you need.


We can also help deal with issues to do with crawling and walking such as walking on tiptoes, turning toes in and asymmetry from side to side. Crawling is a fundamental part of a child’s journey but not all children crawl easily. This can be due to stresses in their joints or muscles. Have your child assessed to check if they crawl correctly.


When children learn to walk they have numerous falls, leading to many stresses on their delicate musculoskeletal system. This can mean they have pain, or do not walk at the age they should or they walk incorrectly. Come and get your child checked today.

What happens when you arrive?

Reception will greet you with a warm welcoming smile, and will offer you a complimentary tea or coffee.

Your doctor will then take you to the examination room, taking a thorough history and physical exam of your child.  You will be invited for a second visit where the doctor will go through all the findings and provide you with a plan to help resolve any issues.


So if you have a child who is suffering and you’re not sure why, then give us a call and come and have a chat with our Chiropractors on 01277 205746




Take a look at what our customers have to say about our paediatric care:

My two and a half year old daughter Ellie is a true “chiro baby”. Ellie had her first chiro appointment at less than 48 hours old, which always shocks people.

’Why would you do that’? When I remind them about the processes of child birth and how
traumatic it can be for the child it becomes clearer. Even though we had a beautiful home birth we still wanted to ensure Ellie was fine.

Her first adjustment was so gentle that you wouldn’t even see anything was done. The Dr simply checked everything was aligned including the bones in her skull.

We continued to see the Dr once a month for the first 6 months. At one appointment we were slightly concerned that Ellie wasn’t feeding to the left hand side. The health visitor had suggested trying all sorts of different ways to hold her to try and get over this but nothing helped. The Dr did an adjustment, immediately she fed to the left as if nothing had ever been wrong. She was simply tight in her neck and it was uncomfortable for her to face that way.

Since this time I feel as though chiropractic care has helped with teething, sleep, balance as well as some priceless advice. I would never say that a parent needs to take a newborn to see a chiropractor, but for us it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Now when we arrive at the clinic Ellie walks in, says hello, makes her way into the room and jumps up on the bed. One very happy Chiro Baby!”




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