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What is health and wellness?

Good health and wellness can be attained by regular chiropractic and massage care, eating a healthy diet, keeping your weight under control and stress management. The combination of these are all part of maintaining a overall wellness lifestyle. By following these practices, you can have a healthier, happier and pain-free life.

To help you achieve these goals, this section offers some helpful tips on how you can maintain a healthier body and mind.



How Spinal Care Clinics can help with your health and wellness

At Spinal Care Clinics, we offer a unique approach to health and wellness. By practising advanced chiropractic techniques combined with sports massage and using sophisticated modern healthcare equipment, we can treat a myriad of injures and prevent the risk of recurring symptoms in the future.

Some of the various injuries we treat include:

  • back pain,
  • neck pain,
  • headaches,
  • whiplash,
  • sports injuries,
  • musculoskeletal problems,
  • reducing high blood pressure,
  • decreasing the frequency of childhood ear infections (otitis media),
  • improving the symptoms of asthma,
  • alleviating the mental and physiological symptoms caused by chronic stress.

We run an outstanding wellness program which is all the way from across the pond, known as 8 Weeks to Wellness which is a fully tailored package designed to help those who need it to get back to their optimal health. Find out all about it here. 

Our team of practitioners at Spinal Care Clinics are wholly committed to restoring our clients to their natural state of optimal body health and wellness. To achieve this aim, our expert chiropractors and certified masseurs – utilise state of the art equipment, such as electric treatment benches and advanced digital X ray machines, manual adjustments, massage, trigger point therapy, as well as offering nutritional and exercise rehabilitation advice, in order to precisely diagnose the cause of your injuries and subsequently administer appropriate treatment.

We endeavour to remove the pressures, tensions and contractions which interfere with your body’s healing ability, thereby facilitating your body to heal naturally and maintain its own health. As such, our clients can benefit from natural procedures which will alleviate their chronic pains without having to resort to expensive surgical procedures or unnatural prescribed painkillers.

As part of our goal to facilitate your body’s natural healing process, we recommend a series of lifestyle changes which can exponentially benefit your overall health and mental wellbeing. We recommend that you implement the following lifestyle changes into your everyday routine in order to optimize your body’s health, movement and nerve function:

Sports massage therapies
as well as being beneficial for the recovery of sports-related injuries, massage therapy treatments are also serve as extremely successful supportive measures which bolster your body’s natural healing process,

Following a regular exercise program

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet
eat more fruit and vegetables and avoid sugary, processed foods,

Maintain good posture

Get enough sleep
at least 8 hours a day,

Aim to reduce your stress
(For more advice, see our health condition section on Stress),

Maintain a healthy body weight

Sleep upon a supportive mattress

Drink more water
approximately 2 litres per day,

Take nutritional supplements,

Stop smoking,

Avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine,

Wear orthotics
these are custom fitted inserts which you place into your shoes to keep your feet functioning correctly and maintain overall body balance, good posture and stability.

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