ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1.  What is it?

If you have ME or chronic Fatigue Syndrome, would you ever have thought that coming to a chiropractor could help?

Well, it can. We frequently see people suffering from this problem and treat them to enable them to have a better quality of life.

You can be any age to be affected by ME or Chronic Fatigue. If you are suffering you will experience severe and debilitating fatigue, wide spread muscular and joint pain, disordered sleep, gastric (stomach) disturbances, poor memory and concentration. It’s not a lot of fun!

It is often triggered by a stressor, which may be in the form of a viral infection, operation or accident/trauma etc. It may also develop gradually.

ME or Chronic fatigue

3. How should ME be treated?

As ME has various symptoms, there are various treatment methods that have been proposed to help ME, but no grounded evidence to date for this that these treatments work.

Perhaps you have tried some of these… Treatments that may be used include homeopathy, drug therapy, acupuncture, behavioral therapies, diet adjustments and physical therapies. There is currently insufficient evidence of how, and how much these treatments can help, although there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence.

4. How can Chiropractic/Massage help?

Here’s where Chiropractic can help:

When the body is out of balance and the nervous system is compromised, the body cannot work properly. By adjusting the appropriate areas of the spine/extremities and massaging the appropriate areas, the body’s balance can be restored as best it can. We do not treat any specific conditions, like ME, but we allow the body to work better. If the body has been under stress to the point that a problem develops, then we can help by reducing that stress and help restore the balance.

Here at Spinal Care Clinics, we have seen improvements in patients who have been diagnosed with M.E. They have all reported improved energy levels, reduced discomfort and  better sleep.


If you think you are suffering from ME or Chronic Fatigue then give us a call and get checked out.

Reference: http://www.meassociation.org.uk/about/what-is-mecfs/#effects


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