Posture is a critical and often overlooked aspect of our overall  health and wellbeing. A lot of the time people focus on high intensity activities like running or resistance training in the gym to improve their health and lose weight. 

These are both important but if your posture is poor then you may find that these sorts of activities can cause more aggravation and can lead to making  your condition worse!

Let’s help us fix your posture by starting with an initial consultation offer…

Introductory Offer

Introducing Spinal Care Clinics in Brentwood – Your Local Posture Rehabilitation Experts

"I can’t recommend the whole team at Spinal Care Clinics enough. They’ve been so kind and compassionate from day one, so friendly and lovely and have changed my life in terms of pain and movement issues. They have not only helped me physically, but mentally too and the support and genuine care towards myself and tailoring my treatments to my health condition has been everything."
Niki Victoria
Regain your flexibility, live and work pain free!

An initial consultation

X-rays if clinically needed

A follow up meeting to discuss your results

Option to also receive your first treatment*

*For an additional discounted fee.

The journey starts with a comprehensive chiropractic assessment of your Spinal alignment, functional movement screening, Digital Posture analysis and spinal x-rays:

  • A comprehensive review of your health history
  • Chiropractic examination
  • Postural and spinal assessment
  • X-ray imaging  (any number of x-rays needed are included)
  • A report of findings; a full explanation of what was found in the consultation and x-rays, plus an explanation of how we can help you restore health, well-being and mobility.

Based on your results our chiropractors will recommend you a tailored rehab, strength and mobility exercises to correct your posture and resolve your specific health challenge.


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Complications of poor posture

How you carry yourself can have a huge impact on your health.  Bad posture can lead to body aches and pains, as well as a poorly functioning nervous system. Why wait for side effects as such to develop before you come for a checkup?

Headaches, Migraines & Jaw pain (TMJ)

Shoulder, neck, and back pain

Pinched nerves


Rib compression and other associated breathing disorders

High blood pressure and heart disease

Stress and anxiety

Fatigue or low energy

Constipation, heartburn, and other GI issues.

Sleep problems or insomnia

Endocrine dysfunction

Heightened seasonal allergies

Go see your chiropractor.

If you’re experiencing the side effects of bad posture, a trip to the Spinal Care Clinics’ Chiropractors can reveal any disturbances to your spine. A certified doctor of Chiropractic is trained to correct any postural problems you may have. Fixing poor posture takes work, but with some adjustments and rehab retraining, you can reap the endless benefits for your health and happiness.

What does a Posture Rehab session involve?

Our trainers embrace a functional fitness model which will have you moving your whole body in different ways. 

Here you will try exercises and move in ways you didn’t think were possible.  Again each session is tailored to the individuals’ needs, age and current state of function. 

Our priority here is to build muscle and improve your posture whilst remaining mobile.

We consistently produce significant results with measurable changes in lifestyle, fitness, posture & weight

How do we guarantee results?

Each time you enter our gym, your session is planned and led by a Personal Trainer. 

This enables us to progress you in each of your sessions here so you will not stagnate or bored with the exercise.

Our Personal trainers are experts in posture and rehabilitation and work closely with your chiropractor and massage therapist and together address issues specific to your problem. This allows you to have every aspect of your lifestyle working towards getting the most out of your training.

We give you the tools, inspiration, skills and practical guidance to use as a platform to rebuild & nurture your posture & health to last.

Independent client reviews score our clinic 4.8 out of 5.

Here are just some of the feedback we regularly receive…

Lynn Collins
"Chiropractic has changed my attitude towards my future health and how I think about eating for myself and my family. And with better posture, I’ve grown an inch!"

Elizabeth Kiligowski
"I had very bad posture and tiredness when standing or sitting for a long time - both complaints have improved!"

What is Chiropractic Care and how can it help me?

Take a look at what chiropractic care can do for you:

What Our Clients Say About Us * results may vary from person to person
How We Helped With Scoliosis * results may vary from person to person
Back Pain Transformation * results may vary from person to person
* results may vary from person to person

The friendly posture specialists near you.

Most people are not aware just how important great posture can be.

Bad posture can cause pain all over the body, not just on the back. It can cause stress on the shoulders, the neck, the legs and glutes. It’s something we treat here at Spinal Care Clinics in Brentwood every single day.

Bad posture is not something that will just get better on it’s own. At Spinal Care Clinics, by treating the root cause of the problem, and creating the right framework for the body by learning the correct posture, you have the best chance of letting the body heal and realign itself.

We’ve helped thousands of people who have suffered with pain, loss of mobility and who have compromised their lifestyle and even their work… until they received correct, expert diagnosis and effective solutions from us, transforming their daily life.

What happens when I visit the clinic for a consultation?

Your first visit will focus on finding the root cause of your issues. Your second visit is all about what we found out and how you can get better. Yes, that’s right – you get two visits for just £69.

Our team of expert Chiropractors will use state of the art equipment to diagnose your health problems. We’ll give you a complete examination, including as many X-rays as required – it’s all included.

Then we’ll advise you on the most effective treatment for your specific condition and you’ll have all your questions answered and you’ll be all set to start receiving treatment and get better! Simple.

Invest in your wellbeing today and start living and working pain free.

So if you are suffering from any symptoms which are causing you pain, or just want to improve your posture, strength and flexibility to feel energised again, don’t hesitate. Start your road to recovery right now with our special, all inclusive introductory offer.

Putting up with it could make your condition worse and harder to treat, as well as prolong recovery.

We can help you to get back to doing the things you love to do.

Your individual care package will help bring you back to optimum wellness…

  • It will alleviate your pain and discomfort in the first instance
  • It will ease your movement and improve your body function
  • You will be able to recover in the shortest time possible under our care
  • With ongoing treatment, Chiropractic care can minimise the chance of re-occurrence

Don’t put up with this discomfort a moment longer!

Let us fix this your bad posture once and for all.

Regain your flexibility. Live and work pain free with our expert care.

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