The Right Pillow For a Restful Night’s Sleep

Adopting a healthy routine is key to getting some decent shut-eye but so is choosing the right pillow.

The goal, when sleeping, is to maintain correct spinal alignment and avoid twisting and over bending at all costs. With this in mind, you’ll reduce your chances of developing neck or back pain. So the right pillow will support your spine depending on the way you sleep.


Lying on your back is the healthiest way to sleep but sometimes it’s just not possible. This might be due to snoring, breathing, cardiac issues or simply because no matter how hard you try you just can’t fall asleep on your back.

If you’re a back-sleeper, a thinner pillow will keep your spine and head in a neutral position, but a thicker one will do the opposite. It will lift your head and neck, compressing the vertebrae, which can lead to pain.


A slightly thicker pillow is better suited for side-sleepers as it fills the hollow space created by your head and shoulders. This way the pillow keeps your head and spine pretty well aligned. Many side-sleepers also love our size-adjustable orthopaedic pillows for their ability to cradle your neck in the correct position. Give them a go!


Plain and simple, this is the worst way to sleep in terms of your back health. We don’t recommend it! Tummy-sleepers are more prone to neck and back pain and adding a pillow to the equation can make things worse. In this position a pillow will lift your head back and cause your spine to arch even further. Opt for either a thin pillow or no pillow at all as you might find your spine is better aligned when your head rests on the mattress.

back pain

Soft, fluffy, spongy… when it comes to the stuffing, this is totally down to you and will require some trial and error.

Our chiropractors relieve pain and support a healthy spine. They perform chiropractic adjustments and realign the spine to better the communication between nervous and connective tissue. Ultimately our advice is to seek out a pillow that supports their work and keeps your spine in a neutral position. The rest is down to personal preference.

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