2022 Make Your New Years Resolutions into Long-Term Health Goals

Many of us are looking forward to 2022 with high hopes. It’s been a challenging year that’s taken its toll on all of us, but if there’s one lesson we’ve learned from 2021, it’s that:

We can never underestimate the value of good health.

Dealing with our wellbeing is easier and more rewarding than dealing with dis-ease. So, instead of drawing up elaborate New Year resolutions, let’s move away from the quick fixes and towards changes that will really impact our long-term health.


Stress is all around us and it’s terrible for our body. Our muscles tense up when we’re worried or anxious and release again as we relax. If we’re constantly stressed, our muscles don’t have the chance to relax, which often leads to aches and pains, especially headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain. The best tool we have to deal with stress is daily mindfulness. This helps us respond, manage and accept stress, which reduces its mental and physical burden. It’s important because you never know when a pandemic will come crashing down!

Stay one step ahead of your health

Back adjustments with Chiropractor Jess

At Spinal Care Clinics in Brentwood we often deal with the body in a state of crisis and pain until the person’s health is restored with appropriate holistic care. At this point, our patients keep popping in for their regular chiropractic adjustment because they know that caring for the body doesn’t stop when we feel better. It’s just the beginning! The most important steps involve keeping our body in a complete state of wellness. Regular adjustments are a part of maintenance care that prevent us from falling back into a pain cycle. In the same way exercise keeps our joints moving, regular chiropractic care keeps the spine healthy and mobile, and promotes overall body function.

chiropractic cre

“After a car accident, I was in constant pain and felt so much better after intensive treatment. I now come twice a month for a massage and chiropractic adjustment and I feel really so much healthier. I also have so much more energy than I had before.”


Posture gains

Personal Trainer Nicky in Posture Rehab

Posture is a critical and often overlooked aspect of our overall health and wellbeing. You can focus on cardio, resistance training and weight-loss in the gym, but developing a strong posture results in fewer injuries and greater gains when you’re exercising. It also keeps your spine well-adjusted to prevent premature bone degeneration. Our personal trainers handle all aspects of posture rehab to really support and compliment the background work of chiropractic care.

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