Wonderful Watermelon & Its Health Benefits for Arthritis


Health care professionals are learning that the answer to managing chronic inflammation may not lie in NSAIDs but could instead be inside your fridge. By following an anti-inflammatory diet, it is thought that you may be able to fight-off general inflammation for good! In the light of the season and the surprising amount of sunshine we’ve seen this summer, we picked one of our favourite fruits – the leader of the pack in the battle against inflammation: THE WONDERFUL WATERMELON.

Inflammation has become somewhat of a buzzword in the medical playing field. Research is paying close attention to inflammation and its role in the development of chronic illnesses. It’s a topic we often cover in our blogs and one we are all too familiar with at Spinal Care Clinics in Brentwood. Our chiropractors and health professionals work daily with chronic conditions that stem from inflammation. By tackling these conditions in a holistic way, we aim to reduce pain and inflammation by performing targeted spinal adjustments, specialised massages and taking a closer look at your nutritional habits.

Many of us tend to think of inflammation as a single definition, meaning that all inflammation is the same. However, inflammation response depends greatly on your body’s experience. In certain chronic illnesses, and especially arthritis, a specific protein known as CRP – C-reactive protein is the game changer.

CRP is produced in the liver. It is an important marker used to diagnose conditions that cause inflammation. So it gives a measure of inflammation within the body. Those with chronic illnesses, such as certain forms of arthritis, autoimmune or inflammatory bowel diseases, will tend to show higher levels of CRP, and this is especially predictable during arthritic flare-ups.

No fruit screams summer quite like watermelon

healthy diet

Fruits such as strawberries and watermelon seem to reduce levels of CRP in the liver. It’s particularly good to load-up on these in moments of acute inflammation, such as during arthritic flare-ups.

This colourful globe-shaped fruit is also packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which may help protect the body from cancer. It even contains up to 40 % more lycopene than red tomatoes!

Watermelon is also the ideal summer fruit. With a content of 92% water, it will certainly quench your thirst in the summer heat.

healthy diet

At Spinal Care Clinics in Brentwood, we truly believe that diet plays the biggest role in our health so make the most of seasonal fruits such as watermelon! Blend it, freeze it into ice-lollies or simply eat it as it comes. We love to add a few leaves of mint to our bowl of melon.  These two flavours compliment each other perfectly and will certainly cool you down in the heat.

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