Our Very Own Miss Galaxy Universe

Katie Miss GalaxyYou may or may not know about the fitness competition, Miss Galaxy Universe.

Our fantastic Chiropractor, Katie Chimes, has won many competitions including South East IFBB in 2001 (now UK BFF), Miss Galaxy Universe where she won in the fitness tests and the fitness modelling that won her the ‘Supreme title’ in 2012-13, NABBA British Novice in 2013, Miami Pro Fitness Model and overall Fitness Model in 2014 and in the same year got her ‘WBFF Pro-card’ in Denmark. She then went to the Worlds WBFF Pro competition in Vegas in 2015 and reached the top 10 finalists.

Did you all get that?! Anyway, she’s quite good at what she does!

Recently, Katie was invited to judge at Miss Galaxy Universe 2016. There are various categories and not only are the girls judged for their look, but also their fitness. The girls who enter are incredible and Katie thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Well done Katie!


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