Make Sure You Keep Well This Winter

The winter weather can cause more aches and pains as well as some other problems… so here are some top tips for keeping well at this time of the year:


Get Moving:

Exercise benefits us in so many ways. In the winter, exercise will help optimal blood flow as well as maintaining flexible, functioning joints and muscles. It also improves mood! It can be discouraging to get out and get moving so ensure you’re prepared with warm clothes and warm up properly beforehand.



Take Vitamin D3: 

We don’t get enough sunlight as it is in this country, let alone in winter! We require sunlight to catalyse the synthesis of Vitamin D3 and so we must supplement it when this is not possible! It is an important vitamin for healthy bones as it is crucial in the absorption of calcium. It is also involved in normal functioning of the immune system, nervous system and cardiovascular system. It can also reduce the risk of cancer and/or metastases, and can help improve mood..


Stay Hydrated:

People don’t tend to feel as thirsty in the cold weather compared to the warm weather. When we become dehydrated, the body cannot process waste products as well and this can contribute to feeling more ‘aches’. Carry a water bottle and avoid too many caffeinated drinks.



Wrap Up! 

This goes without saying, but make sure you wrap up warm!




Visit your chiropractor, massage therapist or acupuncturist

Ensure your spine and joints are functioning optimally through the winter months and help alleviate aches and pains. As we have spoken about previously, proprioception is important in balance and when musculoskeletal and/or nervous system are not functioning properly it can lead to reduced proprioception and therefore higher risk of falls. As well as the cold, we’ve all been there when we try and get all the Christmas shopping done in one go and carry lots of heavy things- so make sure you don’t allow all that stress to build up!

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