Health & Wellness: What Does It Mean To You?

We need to protect our bodies as early as possible against things that can easily kick-in down the line such as: postural problems, chronic pain, mental ill-health and major diseases.

The best wellness programs offer a holistic way to turn your life around and take full responsibility for your health. Edna joined 8 Weeks to Wellness for this reason.

It’s simple. Edna wanted a way to relieve her sciatica, reduce her Crohn’s symptoms and medication, lose weight and generally lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. 8WW kick started her journey to wellness and today we’re taking a look at some of the results she’s achieved and how her life is looking now. 

What results did you see from 8 Weeks Wellness?

See long-lasting results.

Losing weight is something I’d always struggled with but I lost 27lbs on the program and gained muscle. I can now do interval training on the treadmill for 15 minutes without thinking I need to get off. That’s amazing! I’ve now reduced a lot of my Crohn’s medication as I no longer need it, and friends say my skin is glowing!

The results vary from person to person depending on your starting point but one thing is sure: you will feel great in yourself. All our clients lose weight and finish the 8WW with more energy, little to no pain and generally have a more positive outlook on life. Most importantly, those who complete the program are equipped with valuable nutritional knowledge and healthy habits.

Are you still dealing with chronic pain?

I don’t suffer from bodily pains, or those sharp/burning sensations that used to make me want to stay in bed. My sciatica has gone and I haven’t had a Crohn’s flare-up. My body feels great.

Chiropractic care is at the heart of 8 Weeks to Wellness.

Chiropractic care is the founding pillar of 8WW. It’s what makes this program so holistic and different from others. This means that when you come into Spinal Care Clinics in Brentwood we’ll be looking at you as an entire human and not just the single part of your body that’s hurting or that you want to change.

Carrying excess fat isn’t good for your spine.

It increases the pressure on your joints and reduces mobility, which means you’re more likely to develop musculoskeletal issues such as back pain, osteoporosis or sciatica. So our goal is to tackle all the issues or dis-ease in your body through a combination of chiropractic care, exercise, mindfulness, massage therapy and diet to restore optimum health.

weight loss

Has your wellness journey finished now?

I know, going forward, that I’ll go on with this wellness journey. It’s instilled such good habits that I can sustain. Since finishing the program, I’m still continuing with a personal trainer and I know chiropractic care is there for me when I need it. I’m also continuing with the supplements I received from the clinic as I feel these are always good for my overall health.

The most rewarding part of 8WW is to see those who once came to us in pain looking for a meaningful change, turn their life around and keep thriving years later! Everybody values their health so much more after the program because when you feel this good, there’s no going back.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting the 8 Weeks to Wellness Program?

When you feel this good, there’s no going back.

Think about change and how hard you want it, because there is no point in going into this journey half-heartedly. If you’re seriously thinking about doing the program, don’t hesitate because you won’t regret it.

Unfortunately, many people come to us as a last resort. Maybe they’ve seen various healthcare professionals or been on every imaginable diet, but they’re still not seeing results. Our National Healthcare System is built on symptomatic response, focusing on individual issues, which makes it harder to see the overall picture. This means that when you sign-up for the 8WW you’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes. We take your healthcare in our hands and provide you with the ideal environment to embark on your wellness journey so you can look and feel better than ever before.

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