Forming new healthy habits


“I want to be pain free”
“I wish I could be a stone lighter”
“If only I were fitter”
“I’d like to have more time to relax”
“I wish I had more energy”


These are some of the answers we receive when asking clients about their health goals. One thing they have in common is that there are rarely quick fixes. The other common association is the importance of the right habits to achieve these goals. So what does it take to select the right new habits and stick to them? And what can get in the way of us looking and feeling how we’d like?


The habit hackers guide to making positive changes – and sticking with them!

In our last blog article, we talked about the fact that it is possible to eradicate chronic disease by building new habits.  Continuing with this theme, we’re going to focus on the importance of cultivating healthy habits, why we can fail and how to ensure we enjoy making lasting positive changes.

If you haven’t read our last blog yet, you can access it here.


The SCC team enjoying some healthy habits together; doing some exercise, getting some fresh air, being in nature and having a good time!

The barriers to success

We live in a time of abundant information. We have the answers to anything, at our disposal. It’s often known what needs to be done, but there are barriers to our success.  
Time is a common ‘barrier’. However, in an emergency, we change our priorities to get through the problem. It’s therefore often not a case of time, but how we prioritise our actions. Can we get up 30minutes earlier? Can we move more by riding a bike instead of driving? 
Another barrier can be the people around us.
We adapt our habits and routines to those around us. It can be hard to change eating habits around those who may be a bad influence- especially if they live under the same roof!
So, what can we do?

The key is to communicate, and explain WHY these changes are so important to you. When they understand why you’re doing something, they may be more inclined to adapt and be a help, rather than a hindrance.


A few other habit hacks include:

  • Making the habit easy:  A great example of this is putting your training clothes out ready the night before your early morning workout, so when that alarm goes off, you don’t have to think too much about anything else, other than that workout! Or you might cook a batch of food for the week, so you don’t have to put too much thought into eating healthy, it’s all prepared and ready for you.


  • Create habits that are enjoyable: If you don’t like going to the gym, it’s probably not a good idea to get a gym membership to get fit. Exercise can take many forms; from salsa dancing to kick boxing… so try different things until you find the right fit. 


  • Keep it simple and not too ambitious. You are more likely to stick to something if it’s not out of your reach, long term. 


  • Don’t sink a lot of money into a new habit before you’ve even allowed yourself the chance to become committed.


  • Don’t change who you are: work smartly with your likes and dislikes to find new ways of making your life more healthy overall. 
Our 8WW programme brings the pieces of the puzzle together, to create health habits that last. Support is given under one roof in 5 key areas; Chiropractic, massage, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. Should you wish to embark on a journey to radically enhance your health, start by booking in for a Chiropractic consultation and wellness score. 
The SCC team enjoying some healthy habits together; doing some exercise, getting some fresh air, being in nature and having a good time!

“8WW is an amazing kick start to make a lifestyle change. Nothing happens overnight and everything takes grit and determination but with the support from the spinal care clinic team and sticking to a life changing plan, I have managed to keep that 5 stone off, continue to eat healthily and smash my first half marathon.”   Michaela Senn


So if you’re looking to start your journey to wellness, we can help you do it the right way. Firstly we would like to offer you a no obligation free chat about what 8WW can do for you. 


Call us to find out more about 8 Weeks to Wellness

01277 205746

Give us 8 weeks and we’ll change the rest of your life. 





In conclusion:

Creating new habits is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. With support from those around you CAN start on your true wellness journey and reach your desired goals!


Article is written by  Dr Penny Clark D.C Chiropractor at Spinal Care Clinics
Dr Penny believes in addressing key aspects of lifestyle to help reach your optimum health potential.
She enjoys running with her dog, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Crossfit and Yoga.

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