Getting Fit & Healthy in 8 Weeks

Poor diet can lead to all sorts of functional problems and this is a big focus point on the program. 

8WW is a holistic wellness program that addresses health and well-being at its core. It goes way beyond physical appearance and looks at what we eat, how we think and exercise in order to eliminate chronic conditions and become the best version of ourselves. It means spending time on YOU!

In our last blog Edna shared with us her experience of 8 WW and why she took this life-changing decision. Today, we find out more about her transition in those 8 weeks and how she adapted to her new lifestyle by learning about health and developing better habits.

What did the program look like for you before starting?

‘When I came to the clinic, they first used the InBody machine which assessed all my insides! Body fat, weight, posture etc.… to look at how healthy I was before starting the program.’

When people first join 8WW, we start by assessing their overall health and generating a complete wellness score. This is a full body analysis consisting of measurements such as body fat percentages, spinal alignment, heart rate, blood pressure and a lot more. One of the most fascinating results for clients is the distribution of body weight, which gives us an indication of your muscle-to-fat ratio.

During the 8 Weeks to Wellness we use the InBody machine and various measures to track your biometrics, such as the heart rate monitor, because it gives us a very clear idea of the direction we need to take the program in. Nothing speaks more to people than seeing facts and figures about their health, so we go through these results with you. That way, you have a better understanding of wellness and what areas need improvement.

How did you find the first week?

Many people ask me this question! I’d always had trouble with feeling bloated and heavy. I put it down to the inflammation related to my Crohn’s disease but I soon realised that the food I ate was also a big part of that. The first week involves a complete sugar detox so you learn a lot about food from the get-go. I can definitely say that by the end of the week I already felt so much less bloated and lighter in myself’.

Our goal is to help you develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with food and moderation is key.

The first week can be a shock for many. Most of us are addicted to sugar without even knowing it, so when we cut out all sugars, the body can go through some impacting changes. Almost like mini-withdrawal symptoms!

Week two is a real energy boost for everyone as we slowly reintroduce the right foods. At this point, your body is getting used to the program, it’s beginning to adapt to your higher activity levels and also being cared for with regular massages and chiropractic adjustments.

We’re there to care for, guide and motivate you along the way but you are held accountable for your health from day 1.

weight loss

What have you learned about yourself?

8WW instills good habits and I’ve learned that I love food and cooking.  I’m also really aware now of the foods that do and don’t agree with me, so I have a much better relationship and understanding of food in general. It isn’t about extreme dieting. You can have a treat every now and then as long you always go back to a healthy eating baseline.

We don’t believe in diet. Our goal is to help you develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with food and moderation is key because weight gain isn’t good for your spine. It increases the pressure on your joints and reduces mobility. So you end up in a vicious overweight-pain ping-pong battle.

The food we eat becomes increasingly important with age, and many people aren’t aware of the big relationship between diet and inflammation. Being healthy isn’t as simple as looking into the mirror or checking the scales. 

Poor diet can lead to all sorts of functional problems and this is a big focus point on the program.

Our bodies are unique, so the journey to wellness is different for everyone. Many people put-up with pain, high blood pressure, inflammation or restricted mobility but the driving force to change tends to be weight loss.  You will lose weight on the program, but more importantly, you will become fit and value your health more than ever before.

8 Weeks to Wellness isn’t easy! For many, it marks a milestone, one they feel VERY proud of. This program is a lifelong investment, fully centred on you, so you will learn more about yourself and develop healthy habits that will evolve into a completely holistic lifestyle.

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