Ageing Bodies: The Timeless Benefits of Massage

Stay active and mobile, eat well, keep positive and look after your spine.

Working with clients over 50 has taught us how much we’ve redefined ageing in society. Today we’re seeing things that you would never have imagined in the past! With marathon runners well into their 80s, it really feels like 60 is the new 50 or even 40.

As chiropractors we can tell you that our bodies suffer natural wear and tear over time resulting in typical conditions such as slipped discs, arthritis or general back pain due to bad posture or pinched nerves. With a little TLC we can now expect to lead fun, active and healthy lives without age limits.

We’ve seen first hand how massage therapy can play a pivoting role in health as we grow older.

Mobility, inflammation & tight muscles

The sooner you care for your body, the better things look in the long run.

Are you feeling like things used to be easier?

Maybe it seems like aches and pains used to be the result of strenuous activity, and now simply waking-up is enough to feel stiff and achy. This could be due to arthritis or general wear and tear on your joints from lifelong use.

Various types of massage have different goals. It doesn’t matter which side of 50 you’re on, a deep tissue massage can be particularly beneficial in areas of chronic pain. By breaking-up the scar tissue and working through the knots, this massage helps treat muscle contractions and improve stiffness.

Blood circulation and varicose veins

Another side-effect of our internal body clock ticking away is that our blood vessels are more prone to damage with time.  Veins work to return blood to the heart. They’re indented with small valves to help this movement against gravity but these can get damaged with time causing very visible conditions such as varicose veins. One of the hidden benefits of massage therapy is that by applying pressure to different areas of the body we can really assist and improve natural blood circulation. Trained massage therapists will always massage in a direction that aids this blood-flow, which will help prevent the development of varicose veins.

Improved relaxation and sleep

Massage therapy has a profound calming and balancing affect on the nervous system. It’s believed that, when pressure is applied to your skin, underlying nerves relay this information to your spinal cord and brain. Your nervous system then responds by slowing down the body’s activity such as heart rate and blood pressure. One of the greatest benefits of massage therapy is the feeling of total relaxation as each part of the body unwinds. Many of our clients say they feel spaced-out (in a goods way!) after a session with our therapists.

Don’t underestimate the power of self-massaging! You might not be able to reach for your back but massaging your feet and legs in bed will help with circulation and provide a calming routine before going to sleep.  

We can’t beat the clock but we can make things much easier for ourselves

Statistics show that we can now expect to live to 80, which is great as long as all those years are quality years full of life and good health! So this is a very realistic goal as long as we prioritise our well-being.

Stay active and mobile, eat well, keep positive and look after your spine. The sooner you care for your body in this way the better things look in the long run.

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