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Spinal Care Clinics
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Our Southend Clinic was opened following the success of our initial Basildon clinic. Since its creation, this purpose built facility has provided Southend residents with accessible, professional chiropractic care. With our specialised care and ongoing support, you can receive effective treatment for your isolate injury or chronic condition, as well as improve your overall  health and mental wellbeing.


All of the chiropractors at our Southend clinic are professional qualified to administer a broad spectrum of chiropractic treatments. The core belief behind all of our treatments is that the human body has the ability to heal itself. Within the human body, the brain and central nervous system regulate thoughts and sensations, boost the immune system and operate basic bodily functions by releasing a series of chemicals known as 'neurotransmitters' and 'hormones'. Subsequently, all the members of our chiropractic team advocate natural healing methods rather than creating a dependence on prescription painkillers. We practice healing methods which stimulate your body's central nervous system and cause a natural chemical release of hormones throughout your body. This process enables your body to generate natural pain relief mechanisms, broaden your physical motion, boost your muscle and joint strength, as well as improve your mental wellbeing, overall health and wellness. 


Our Southend clinic offers a variety of deep tissue sports massage treatments. Many of our clients initially came to us with the belief that sports massages were only beneficial for professional athletes who wish to improve their performance in competitive events. However, as we explained to them, sports massage treatments have been scientifically proven to accelerate the recovery of chronic injuries by reducing pain and stiffness, as well as strengthening your muscles and joints in order to prevent recurring injuries. As a result, our team of qualified chiropractors advise our clients to undergo sports massage treatments as a natural support system for their chronic health conditions or injuries.

Health Conditions

Our Southend clinic is equipped with state of the art digital X-ray machines, neuro-muculo-skeletal testing equipments, computerised spinal scans and posture scans; all of which are used to accurately diagnose a broad spectrum of health conditions. Using this equipment, we can cultivate a proactive treatment plan which will alleviate the symptoms of your individual health condition. Irrespective of whether you suffer from a short term injury or a chronic health condition, we can provide targeted care and support in order to restore your body and mind to optimal health.

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